Guided Dental Implants

Guided Dental Implants

Guided Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide a fixed solution to having removable partial or complete dentures.

guided dental implants

Dental Implants Overview

Guided Dental Implants provide excellent support and stability. No one will ever know they are not your real teeth. With dental implants, you can have a full, permanent set of teeth that look and function as though they are your own natural teeth.

Reasons to Use Dr. Mark Cohen

Reasons for Guided Dental Implants

  • The focus is on YOU as a patient
  • His operations can be done in LESS visits and REDUCED time
  • His surgeries are pain FREE
  • He has treated thousands of patients for dental implants
  • His procedure uses no incisions
  • Surgery usually does not involve sutures
  • There is nearly no post-operative pain
  • There is a faster recovery rate than other dentists
  • Guaranteed faster results with new and improved teeth
  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth.
  • Restore a patient’s confident smile.
  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion.
  • Restore or enhance facial tissues.
  • Support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable.

Videos About Dental Implants

Single Implant Upper Posterior

Implant Placement into Socket

Upper Guided Fixed Detachable

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Generally speaking, if you have lost teeth you are a candidate for dental implants. It is important that you are in good health, however, as there are some conditions and diseases that can affect whether dental implants are right for you. For example, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, radiation to the jaws, smoking, alcoholism, or uncontrolled periodontal (gum) disease may affect whether dental implants will fuse to your bone.

It is important to let Dr. Cohen know all about your medical status (past and present) together with all medications you are taking, whether prescribed, alternative (herbal) or over-the-counter. With dental implants, you can have a full, permanent set of teeth look and function as though they are your own natural teeth.

Dr. Cohen will be with you through all stages as your Dental Implant Specialist

There are four clear stages to receiving guided dental implants. Dr. Cohen will work with you to make sure you understand each stage. What can be expected for your specific case, how long it will take and what is medically involved. Dr. Cohen encourages our patients to ask questions so they actively understand the entire process. Our goal is that you are as comfortable as possible as we work together to build your new permanent smile.

Stage 01: Planning

Crucial to long term success, this stage is where we analyze your complete requirements and create a ‘blue print’ for the final successful result.

Stage 02: Placement

This stage takes 1-3 hours and is an outpatient procedure where the oral maxillofacial surgeon places the titanium dental implant in exactly the correct position. When appropriate, a surgical guide is made to allow exact location positioning of the guided dental implants.

Stage 03: Restoration

The healing phase takes 2-6 months depending upon your quality of bone. The prosthodontist then takes over using the new “foundations” to build the new smile. This phase is very detailed and cosmetics and function come together to give a pleasing functional result.

Stage 04: Maintenance

We follow up with our patients to ensure the longevity of our work. We recommend one year of enrollment in our dental hygiene program to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your new smile.

What exactly is a Guided Dental Implant Procedure?

Guided Dental implants are stable and mimic the look and functions of natural teeth so well because they actually become part of the bone through a process called ‘osseointegration’.

To prepare the bone to receive the titanium metal screw that is the base of the implant a small hole is drilled into the bone where the teeth are missing, much as a carpenter would drill a pilot hole in wood to start a wood screw. After the titanium screw is inserted into the bone it is covered to protect it for the 3-6 months that the bone needs to heal and integrate with the implant.

Once the guided dental implant has become firmly anchored to the bone a temporary crown is placed on the implant until the gum has a chance to shape itself in such a way that it will look natural when the permanent crowns or bridges are cemented in place.

Dr. Mark Cohen - Patients Before and After Guided Dental Implants:

Dramatic life changing results when patients selected Dental Implants by Dr. Mark Cohen.

guided dental implants before-1

01: Dental Implant (One Tooth) Before

guided dental implants after-1

01: Dental Implant (One Tooth) After

dental implant 1 before

02: Dental Implant (One Tooth) Before

dental implant 1 after

02: Dental Implant (One Tooth) After

dental implant 2 before

03: Dental Implant Before

(Teeth Damaged from a car accident)

dental implant 2 after

03: Dental Implant After

(Teeth Repaired from a car accident)

dental implant 3 before

04: Before Dental Implants

dental implant 3 after

04: After Dental Implants

dental implant 4 before

05: Before Dental Implants

dental implant 4 after

05: After Dental Implants