Videos - Gum Doctor Testimonials

“Thank you Dr. Cohen for restoring my gum line to the condition of my teenage years!”


“I am so happy with my results! Dr. Cohen has such expertise and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”


“I was unwilling to smile before my Gum Graft Procedure. The process was fast healing. No swelling and no pain. Fantastic work Dr. Cohen!”


“After a car accident damaged my teeth, my mouth was a nightmare! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expertise and your care!”


“With Gum Laser Therapy my experience with Dr. Cohen was painless and pleasant.”


“My dental implants make me look and feel wonderful. I smile all the time! Thank you Dr. Cohen.”


“I felt no pain during my dental implant procedure or after. I am very happy with my results. Thank you Dr. Cohen.”


“I experienced no pain during my dental implant procedure. I am very satisfied with my results. Thank you Dr. Cohen. You are a true healer!”


Written - Gum Doctor Testimonials

“I wish to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the superb level of service and professionalism you provided for my gum graft. You made the experience before, during, and after pleasant. You’ve answered all of my questions and concerns regarding the procedure, but what I think is really worth its weight in gold is your ability to make patients like me be not so nervous. I am extremely grateful. I am glad I came to the LA Gum Doctor for my procedure.”


“Dr. Cohen prepared and completed a gum implant for one of my teeth. He consulted with my dentist for over and hour, and then he completed the work as her his discussion with my dentist. I was back in his office ever few weeks the following months to check the progress of the implant. Dr. Cohen did a fabulous job with what he undertook and the results were outstanding. I really look forward to my check-ups as Dr. Cohen was so humble and funny, that it took much of the pain and the possible anxiety away! I will highly recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone that needs any periodontal or implant work in the future. ~ Dr. Cohen is the best and I am totally grateful!!!!!”


“Dr. Cohen’s work was painless, efficient, and accurate. My mouth healed quickly and the final result turned out better than I could have expected. I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles to have Dr. Cohen work on my teeth because I knew it would be done with first class friendliness and professionality, and a bit of humor thrown in… And now my teeth are perfect!”


“It was well worth the year of preparation and the 9 months after you finished my two implants, it seems like now like I never had an issue with my bottom teeth. I want to thank you for all the attention spent on me and good care. Since the process was over a year, I really got to know you and your supporting staff, I miss you all. Your sense of humor, professionalism and ultimate friendship got me through what would have otherwise been a daunting procedure. Thank you for everything and hope to see you soon.”


“I needed a tooth implant and my family doctor told me that Dr. Cohen was the best organ surgeon in the business. He was right. The surgery was painless and Dr. Cohen’s professionalism and humorous personality made the experience relaxed and actually enjoyable.”


“Thank you Dr. Cohen for your excellent work. I appreciate your professionalism and am very happy with the care I received. I would definitely recommend both you and your staff to anyone looking for quality dental care.”


“It has been over 3 months since I received my tooth implant and it has been great! Thank you so much for your care and kindness. A Job well done! Dr. Cohen, I appreciated your sense of humor as it calmed my nerves. Your assistance was a constant source of a source of assurances to me. Thank you for bringing my smile back again.”